Sunday, November 22, 2009


This is just a typical picture of my little J. He spits up ALL THE TIME and it goes EVERYWHERE. Both of us end up changing outfits multiple times a day and laundry has definitely increased. I tried using bibs but his spit up is so explosive it usually bypasses the bib and ends up on me, the couch, the floor, his pants or whatever happens to be nearby. Addison never spit up...I literally never had to use a burp cloth. However, we don't seem to have enough with Joey. I am just reminded of how different siblings can be, and I'm also getting a little tired of smelling like spit up :) Oh the joys of being a mommy!


Cassie said...

that was alex! I found myself doing laundry just for more burp cloths! try to just enjoy the "sweet perfume" bc hopefully it wont last long! :)

the Hunts said...

yep...we have a bib on all the time. lil Joey is such a cutie!!! I need to see him again soon