Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Addison is 1

Addison officially turned 1 on Monday, I can't believe it. She is such a big girl! We had a party for her this past Sunday. We just invited family and a few close friends. We had a cupcake theme and made everything pink and girly...needless to say I had fun planning the party! :) However, I NEVER want to see another cupcake again!! I literally baked in the kitchen from 11am-5pm on Saturday, and lots of thanks goes to my sweet sister in law for helping! I made two different kinds of cucpcakes, a giant cupcake cake, and cupcake pops...crazy! 

Addison had a blast at the party. She was running around with her cousins the whole time! Everything was pretty laid back and I think my favorite part of the whole afternoon was just sitting out in the backyard watching her play, and getting to chat with friends. Addison got quite a few gifts, but her attention span ran out after opening about two of them!...So I ended up doing most of the unwrapping. Also, I wasn't really sure if she would like the cupcakes...she hadn't seemed to be very excited about sweets, but she really got into it and was smashing them in her face and hamming it up for the camera big time! Joey and I feel so blessed to have such a precious sweet girl and wonderful friends to help us celebrate. Here are some pictures from that afternoon...

I made her Birthday banner...It's amazing what a little scissors, glue, and ribbon can do!
Thanks Katie for the inspiration!
The cupcakes!

Addison stuffing her face!


Addison enjoyed opening presents...for about 2 seconds :)

Addison and her cousin Brynn tearing into the gifts!

The loot...She is one spoiled girl!

Addison's big surprise present...A playhouse and slide!

Playing outside

Enjoying the playhouse with grandpa!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


 Amazingly we were able to get all the kids on the couch for a picture!

Yesterday was so fun! I packed up Addison in the car and we took a little road trip to one of my favorite places...College Station! :) I got together with a few of my old roommates from A&M and also my sweet friend Amber Roberts. It was great to catch up and see everyone's kids! It was such a beautiful day... and I had such a great time!! Thanks, Katie, for hosting! I hope we can do it again sometime soon!

Jace, Addison, and Cash tried to play with the balls

Addison and Cash playing

Some random pics...

Here are a few random photos from the past month. Addison is growing so fast!

She loves the camera!

We can FINALLY getting a TINY clip in her hair...yeah! :)

"Do these shorts make my legs look white?"

This smile is absolutely her daddy...EXACTLY the same.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Addison at 11 months...

Ok...so I am writing this and actually Addison will be a year old in just a few days...so it's a little late, but I needed to update! :) Addison is now walking very well. She took her first steps at around 10 months and by 11 months she had it down! Needless to say, sometimes I miss those days when I would set her down and know she would still be there if I had to turn my back...now I have to watch her like a hawk because she is into everything! However, with all that being said, I love that she is now walking, and it's much easier on my back :) I think every month I say "this is my favorite stage"...because she just keeps getting more fun! Here are some of her favorite things at 11 months...

1. WALKING everywhere!

2. Talking. She is such a chatterbox...she babbles on all the time. Most of the time, you can't understand it, but a few times we think we have heard words. She is getting pretty good at saying "Bye". 

3. She is MISS INDEPENDENT! She is great at playing by herself and entertaining herself. When I sit down to read books to her, she grabs them from me and wants to look at the pictures herself. She wants to feed herself and walk by herself. She wants to be on the go all the time and rarely wants to just sit and cuddle!...I miss those days :) 

4. She is daddy's girl!! Her daddy is her favorite person in the world and she lights up when he comes home each night. She LOVES daddy time. It is so precious to watch them together and Joey is an amazing dad! 

5. Smiling...I LOVE her smile...nothing makes me happier! I can't go into a store without someone commenting on it. She just loves smiling!

Bathing Beauty

Addison spent the night at her grandparents a few weeks ago and instead of giving her a bath in the tub...they gave her a bath in the sink! She LOVES it! :)...and they took these precious pictures. She is getting so big these days. I can't believe she will be turning 1 next week! I have lots of new video of her walking etc...but haven't been able to get my computer to download it. So hopefully I can post some new things this week!... (I know it's been a while!)