Thursday, June 11, 2009


What's been going on?

I think I get the "worst mommy of the year" award in terms of keeping up with my child. Addison is over a year old and I have yet to put pictures in her baby book (or even completely fill it in!) I don't have any sort of scrapbook and all the photos we take are in random assortment in a box on my desk. The one thing I try to do somewhat faithfully is write a monthly update of what Addison is doing and learning on this blog-most of it is really for my sake so I can look back and remember all the fun milestones and memories. The only problem is that I haven't done this in over 3 months! (oops). So here goes...

1. Addison is talking! This just started about a week ago. Her first words were "bye" and "baby" and she has been working on those for quite a while now...but that was it. However, in the past week her speaking ability has exploded! She now can say cookie, cracker, ball, up, daddy, puppy, Maddie (our dog), and Caden (her cousin). She is adding new words every day! Of course she still refuses to say "mommy"! We love hearing her talk and each day she seems to add more words to her growing vocabulary! She knows most of her animal sounds too. She can do the sounds for a cow, sheep, puppy, snake, kittycat, and duck. 

2. Addison loves trying to put on our shoes and walk. She also loves to watch me put on make-up. She tries to imitate me and it is too cute! She loves trying on my jewelry (necklaces and bracelets) and the other day when  I was painting my toe nails she insisted she wanted some I painted a few of her fingernails! However, I quickly took it off afterwards. Having a girl can be so much fun!

3. Addison is OBSESSED with dogs...she calls them all "puppies". Whenever she sees one she starts doing a little high pitched barking noise..."woof woof". She gives Maddie hugs and kisses all day long (she is way more affectionate to her dog than us!) and we got her a stuffed puppy dog that never leaves her side. She is crazy about animals and dogs in particular! 

4. Addison is learning how to feed herself. She has done this for quite a while now by just using her hands...but we are adding in silverware which she hasn't been a big fan of up until now. We got her some little forks and spoons and she has suddenly taken an interest. She's really into eating yogurt with her spoon and though most of it ends up everywhere but in her mouth she is making progress! We clap for her when she takes "big girl bites" and actually tries to "stab" her food with her fork. doesn't take much to get us excited these days :) 

5. The topic of food brings me to another one of Addison's favorite things...EATING. The girl is super skinny but you would never know it by the amount of food she consumes!! She eats everything in sight. Some nights she eats 3 full pieces of pizza and the other day when we were at a hamburger restaurant she ate her burger, fries, some of my mother in law's burger, mushrooms from Joey's burger plus lettuce, bacon and yes my friends...RAW ONIONS off of my plate. Crazy!! She will eat just about ANYTHING we put in front of her...that girl is a bottomless pit!

6. Addison LOVES the water. She has no fear in the pool and I typically get soaked during bath time...Joey calls it the splash zone!! She loves to splash us and laughs when we get wet!

7. Addison's favorite things: swinging, playing "peek a boo" with the curtains, eating french fries, taking the batteries out of the remote (almost EVERY day), eating french fries, trying on mom and dad's shoes, eating french fries, reading books, eating french fries, playing with her "babies", climbing on everything (she is fearless!)  and in general just tearing the house apart!! She is into everything! oh, and did I mention she loves french fries?? 

8. We are learning how to discipline. Addison has recently learned the word "no" and is not afraid to use it...on us! At times when we tell her she can't do something or we take a toy away she says "no, no, no" back to us and sometimes will throw a fit...this is new territory for us so we are learning as we go! :)

Addison's 15 month stats:
34 1/2 inches tall (95th %)
24.2 lbs (25th %)
She's long and lean! ...I'm jealous :)

Trying on Daddy's shoes!

Feeding herself yogurt with a spoon...what a mess!

Hawaiian Girl (her grandparents brought this back from their vacation)

Garden update!

Joey looks thrilled doesn't he?? :)

So...the garden is growing well. Or perhaps I should say my zucchini squash is doing well. This plant has literally overtaken everything else in my garden. What started off as a small plant only a couple of inches tall has now grown HUGE! Joey says the plant is on crack...I might agree...I pulled this zucchini squash off tonight and it was at least a foot long and 10 inches in diameter. We don't normally measure our vegetables, but Joey thought maybe we had set a record (we were clearly impressed with our gardening skills) Alas, the record is a 65 lb zucchini squash so we have a long way to go! :) ha!

Anyway, everything else is growing well: basil, cilantro, and mint are all doing great and we have also picked off some good looking cucumbers! However, the zucchini plant has kind of overtaken everything else and is threatening to choke out my other plants!

Tonight I cooked the squash. I found a yummy recipe that was simple and quick using ingredients I already had in my refrigerator! I used some of my fresh basil in the recipe as well! I posted a link to the recipe just in case anyone out there wants to try it: