Saturday, November 28, 2009


Even at an early age, I am starting to notice some differences between my two cuties. Addison has always been very independent and has never been super affectionate. She gives kisses and hugs, but she won't just sit down and cuddle with you...she is always on the go! However, I am noticing that my little boy is going to be just the opposite. I love the fact that he loves to cuddle up with Joey and I! 


A few weeks ago I got together with a few of my friends and their sweet kiddos. It is so much fun knowing that our kids are so close in age and will grow up together. The only sad thing is that Addison is seriously outnumbered. She is the only girl!! We recently got all the babies together for a "playdate". The kids are all so young that they didn't really play all that much (in fact Joey and Gunnar slept the whole time!), so the "playdate" was really more for us moms! :) 

Here are all the cuties...

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I cannot believe it, but little Joey rolled over a few days ago for the first time! He's not even two months old yet! I had him on his tummy one morning and we were talking and playing and he just sort of kicked his leg and rolled over onto his back. I was so excited, and I was the only one there!...Daddy was still sleeping :) I made him do it several more times just to see if maybe it was a random fluke, but he was able to do it every time. I am so proud of my little boy! He is getting so big and strong!


This is just a typical picture of my little J. He spits up ALL THE TIME and it goes EVERYWHERE. Both of us end up changing outfits multiple times a day and laundry has definitely increased. I tried using bibs but his spit up is so explosive it usually bypasses the bib and ends up on me, the couch, the floor, his pants or whatever happens to be nearby. Addison never spit up...I literally never had to use a burp cloth. However, we don't seem to have enough with Joey. I am just reminded of how different siblings can be, and I'm also getting a little tired of smelling like spit up :) Oh the joys of being a mommy!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

RANDOM (What you missed this summer!)

I was a very bad blogger this summer! Part of that was due to my computer (which was broken) and my camera cord that went missing. However, I will admit that part of it was just laziness! I finally got some pictures from my camera uploaded so I thought I would share of few photos of from my brother's graduation and Addison playing in the waterscape at our park. I know this is totally RANDOM...but I am trying to be better about posting on my blog..and I ran out of material! :)

Here's someone who doesn't get alot of face time on my blog...My "little" brother graduated from Texas A&M in May of this past year. We were SO proud!! I was pregnant at the time and he was literally almost one of the very LAST people to walk the stage. Graduation seemed to last forever! However, we all yelled and screamed when they called his name. He now lives in San Antonio and works for a construction firm. Wow, it seems like just yesterday we were being silly and playing in the backyard. I can't believe my brother is all grown up! 

Addison and I spent ALOT of time in the water this summer :) We have a fun waterscape in a park near our house and we went there quite a bit. She LOVED it and it was a great way to beat the heat!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


My good friend Jill is really talented and takes wonderful pictures. She is so sweet to volunteer to photograph my kids, but for some reason the minute she steps into my kids decide to be extremely uncooperative! Addison becomes a wild woman and will not sit still or follow directions and Joey has tummy issues, spits up everywhere, and cries the whole time...not a pleasant experience for either me or Jill (*sigh*). I have a new found respect for people who photograph kids! It's not easy! Anyway, these were a few cute shots she got of my kids. Thanks Jill for being so patient...maybe some day we will be able to take a decent photo!
Addison hamming it up for the camera

My sweet baby boy...what a silly face!

Addie and Joey...he looks pretty miserable!

My cuties...

Life has been crazy being a mom of two. In some ways it has been a very easy transition, but at times when both of them are crying or needing me in some way it can seem very stressful! However, every week gets easier as we get into a routine! Addison is a GREAT big sister. Joey and I are amazed at how much she adores and loves her little brother. She hasn't shown any jealousy at all so far. She loves giving him kisses and talking to him and patting his head. She will bring him his "paci" and she even tries to pat his back and burp him at times (this is not always helpful!) Here are some things I have noticed about my two cuties...

1. LOVES music. She loves listening to CDs in our playroom and tries to dance when songs come on. Anything musical will entertain her.
2. Sesame Street...she can spot Elmo a mile away in a store...but her favorite is cookie monster. She is obsessed with anything that has sesame street on it, and therefore...they are making alot of money off of us :)
3. Stickers-she loves drawing and coloring, but she also really likes stickers. She can sit there forever decorating her paper (or other inanimate objects such as the coffee table, the chair or even her brother) with stickers. 
4. Apples and Juice. Addison asks for juice constantly...we don't give her much juice but when we do she downs the whole cup or juice box in minutes. She also asks for apples all the time...breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Other than french fries and fruit snacks...apples are her favorite food :)
5. Being Outdoors...Addison loves to slide and swing...therefore, we try to go to the park alot and fortunately she has a small slide and swing in the backyard. It has been so nice outside that we have spent lots of afternoons out there.

1. LOVES eating...ALL.THE. TIME. He is a growing boy!
2. Smiling...Joey has the cutest smiles!! They just melt me :)
3. Talking...He has also started to "coo" and chat with us a little...we love listening to him make sounds.
4. His sister...Joey loves Addison and often gives her the biggest smiles...She loves him equally as much... She will not leave his side (which is sometimes a problem!) She always wants to know where he is and what he is doing. She reads books to him, and kisses and hugs him. She is the BEST big sister :)

The cutest little firewoman!

Uh...oh. Addison got into my lipstick. I think she needs more practice :)

This is what Joey does most of the day...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This year Addison dressed up as a pink puppy. She loves puppies and when she saw this costume...I knew it would be perfect (even better was that it was half off!) She was so excited to put the costume on and even begged to wear it the next day...I ended up finally having to hide it from her! We dressed Joey up as a monkey. He was so cute, but pretty much slept through all the Halloween festivities! :) We went to my sister and brother in laws and trick or treated/took pictures with their kids and then came back to our own house to pass out candy and take Addison to some houses on our street. I am not sure if Addison totally understood the concept of trick or treating. She certainly liked having people put something in her little bucket...but I'm not sure she understood that you could eat it at first! She was also really almost every house she tried to walk into their home. We had to hold her back! I guess she figured that perhaps there was more candy inside...or if the people were giving her something it was an open invitation to come on in! Whatever the case, we had to watch her carefully! 

This past week I think she has finally figured out that the stuff in her pumpkin bucket is good to eat. Each morning she has opened the pantry and gotten something new out and tried to persuade me to let her have it for breakfast. Everything from atomic fireballs to whoppers. I have to confess she snuck the whoppers by me! (but she left the evidence on her face...chocolate everywhere!) When I discovered she still had one I asked her..."Addison is that a whopper in your hand, to which she promptly replied, "yep"! (At least she's honest!) I had to laugh! All in all...we had a great time at Halloween. 


My sweet boy...This is not one of his big huge grins...
but I think it is so cute! He looks like a little old man! :)

Moments Like These...

These are the moments that make me smile! 


Once upon a time...I updated my blog. Now...not so much! I have been in denial and many times have posted "I'm back!" or "I'll post updates I promise".  Let's face it, I am just not a good blogger. Almost daily I take time to "stalk" other people's blog sites to see pictures and read updates about their life, not bothering to pay attention to my own site which hasn't been updated in over two months! No more promises...I will try my best, but life with two kids has been hectic so I'm not sure how much I will  be able to post. For now, here are some updates and more photos! Make sure to scroll down there are several new posts and I have 3 more I will post this week when I get more pictures downloaded!