Saturday, November 21, 2009

RANDOM (What you missed this summer!)

I was a very bad blogger this summer! Part of that was due to my computer (which was broken) and my camera cord that went missing. However, I will admit that part of it was just laziness! I finally got some pictures from my camera uploaded so I thought I would share of few photos of from my brother's graduation and Addison playing in the waterscape at our park. I know this is totally RANDOM...but I am trying to be better about posting on my blog..and I ran out of material! :)

Here's someone who doesn't get alot of face time on my blog...My "little" brother graduated from Texas A&M in May of this past year. We were SO proud!! I was pregnant at the time and he was literally almost one of the very LAST people to walk the stage. Graduation seemed to last forever! However, we all yelled and screamed when they called his name. He now lives in San Antonio and works for a construction firm. Wow, it seems like just yesterday we were being silly and playing in the backyard. I can't believe my brother is all grown up! 

Addison and I spent ALOT of time in the water this summer :) We have a fun waterscape in a park near our house and we went there quite a bit. She LOVED it and it was a great way to beat the heat!

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Super Yoss said...

I have read that BLOG can be updated : daily, weekly, monthly, or every time we have an opportunity to update it. No problem, don't worry about this 'random' post! Have a good day. Keep your good work!