Thursday, April 3, 2008

...And Baby Makes 3!

I have never ever had a blog before but with the addition of our sweet baby girl and some inspiration from many of my friends, I have decided to give it a try. I am not sure how often I will be able to post. Right now I am pretty sleep deprived and consumed with living life as a new mom, but hopefully I will have a chance to post pictures and keep you updated on all the LoSurdo news! For now I will fill you in Addison's birth and a little of what life has been like as new parents (what an adventure!) 

Addison Grace LoSurdo was born Sunday, March 9th at 1:58 pm. I actually went to the hospital that Friday before because I thought that my water had broke and they wanted to check things out. I quickly rushed out of school and headed to the hospital only to find out it was false labor. so I went home to rest up and wait some more...I didn't have long to wait! Joey and I woke up Saturday morning and had an amazing day together we ran errands, went out to lunch, and watched a movie. I am so thankful for that precious time together! That day I started to feel some contractions but I dismissed them because they were coming pretty erratically. However, by about midnight Saturday they started to come more regularly and they were more intense.  (Needless to say, I didn't sleep at all that night!) At about 5 am I woke up Joey and told him we needed to get to the hospital (what a surreal experience)...the contractions were coming at about every 4- 5 min. We got to the hospital and were quickly admitted that morning.  My Dr. called a few hours later and told me I could go ahead and get an epidural and I did. (I am SO THANKFUL for drugs! :) ...From that point on I didn't feel a thing and everything went very smoothly. We talked with our families and I tried to sleep despite having horrible shaking and nausea caused by the epidural. By around 1:30 I was ready to actually start pushing. I only had to push for 12 minutes! Apparently Addison was ready to meet us. When the Dr. gave her to us I started to cry...Joey however was nervous about her slightly cone shaped head :) She was just precious! Our time in the hospital was great. Everyone took good care of us and we had such wonderful friends and family to support us.

The first week at home was rough trying to figure out how to feed her and not getting a whole lot of sleep! She lost almost 10% of her birth weight which was a little stressful, but now she is doing great. She is sleeping more at night and has settled into a good feeding routine. She loves to smile and has recently started to "talk" and coo when she plays with some of her favorite toys. During play time we look at her mirror...she is a little vain! and she loves to read books and she also likes to play with her piano toy (I am convinced she will be musical!). At her two week check-up the Dr. said she is in the 95th percentile for height, she is already outgrowing some of her infant clothes. Who knew we could have such a tall child! She definitely takes after her dad. She also LOOKS just like her dad. I haven't seen too much of myself in her, but she seems to take after the LoSurdo side quite a bit. 

Being parents is such a huge life change, but we have been blessed to have such great friends and family who have stepped in to help, and we have an amazing God who constantly gives us the strength and energy we need. We are learning more every day and we are blessed to have such a wonderful little girl. We are constantly reminded of James 1:17. "Every good and perfect gift is from above"... What an amazing gift we have!