Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shower Time!!

I can't believe that I only have 6 1/2 weeks left (and if Joey comes early like might only be 5!) CRAZY!! Am I ready for this? I have been much more excited and less anxious this time around. I remember a few weeks before having Addison I seemed to be worried about everything, this time around I feel alot more laid back. Joey and I are just so ready to meet our little boy! By the way, this second one has taken a bigger toll on my body. My back hurts, my legs hurt...everything hurts! I'm sure chasing a rambunctious toddler doesn't help...but I definitely feel worse this time around. Or maybe I just forgot how rough those last few weeks can be!

Anyway, my sweet friends threw me a shower this weekend to celebrate having a boy! It was SO CUTE!!! Since I am doing a sports theme in Joey's room they used that theme for the shower as well. They had "ballpark food", fun music, baseball cookies and more. The house was decorated so fun and my pictures do not do justice! I felt so blessed and had such a great time. Thanks girls!!! I also got some very cute stuff. Lot's of cute Aggie gear (whoop!) and tons of fun boy things. Here are some pics from the shower...

Shower hosts and such sweet friends!

Cute baseball cookies handmade by my sister in law...they were AMAZING!!
and I loved that they had Joey #5 on them! :)

Fun (and yummy) food!

I was blessed with so many fun gifts...but I'm not sure
why I have my eyes closed in almost every picture! :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Well I have been a little absent from the blogging world lately! I guess you could sort of say I took a vacation from posting! I'm sure no one even reads this anymore...However, if you happen to be reading...I am BACK!! :) Honestly, we have been pretty busy this summer...but when I sit down and think about it we haven't done anything really exciting so I guess I have felt that I haven't had anything "blog worthy" to write about lately...I'm going through the summer "blahs". Not only is it ridiculously hot outside...but I remember when summer used to mean a break from school, homework, sleeping in...doing nothing but hanging out with friends? Well, as a mom now my summer just seems to be more of the same! There really isn't any change. Most of our days still consist of playing, cleaning, running errands, and going to the pool or park (when it's not 100 + degrees outside! ha!) Some days I miss the excitment of what summer used to be, but then I just look at my sweet little girl and I am reminded of how much I love to be at home with her and how precious our time together is. I wouldn't trade it for anything. So...stay tuned for updates this week! I am trying to download some pictures as we speak! :)