Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This year Addison dressed up as a pink puppy. She loves puppies and when she saw this costume...I knew it would be perfect (even better was that it was half off!) She was so excited to put the costume on and even begged to wear it the next day...I ended up finally having to hide it from her! We dressed Joey up as a monkey. He was so cute, but pretty much slept through all the Halloween festivities! :) We went to my sister and brother in laws and trick or treated/took pictures with their kids and then came back to our own house to pass out candy and take Addison to some houses on our street. I am not sure if Addison totally understood the concept of trick or treating. She certainly liked having people put something in her little bucket...but I'm not sure she understood that you could eat it at first! She was also really almost every house she tried to walk into their home. We had to hold her back! I guess she figured that perhaps there was more candy inside...or if the people were giving her something it was an open invitation to come on in! Whatever the case, we had to watch her carefully! 

This past week I think she has finally figured out that the stuff in her pumpkin bucket is good to eat. Each morning she has opened the pantry and gotten something new out and tried to persuade me to let her have it for breakfast. Everything from atomic fireballs to whoppers. I have to confess she snuck the whoppers by me! (but she left the evidence on her face...chocolate everywhere!) When I discovered she still had one I asked her..."Addison is that a whopper in your hand, to which she promptly replied, "yep"! (At least she's honest!) I had to laugh! All in all...we had a great time at Halloween. 

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